Thursday, August 16, 2007


Following the recipe of PAPER-LINED SPONGE CAKE.The texture is just so soft,airy and fragrant.Instead of using normal baking powder,i used a spoonful of double-act baking powder(1/2 tsp).It just comes out so great.Everybody in my house loved it.
Here is the pix
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Anonymous said...

Hi Pinkie,
Just would like to find out from you is it that you replace the 1/2 tsp of baking powder (for Paper-Lined Sponge Cake) with 1 tsp of double-action baking powder (for the above sponge cake)Thanks.

♥ESTEE♥ said...

Oops,make a mistake here, so sorry for a misunderstanding =) it's 1/2 tsp of double-act baking powder.Thanks for your correction.

Jane said...

hi there, i was wondering for the recipe, does it call for all purpose flour or cake flour because i noticed it says both in all purpose in the ingredients, then cake flour in the instructions.

thanks :)

♥ESTEE♥ said...

I always use all purposed flour for most of my cake's recipe. However, Cake flour would make a better texture for the cake. It's your choice =)