Wednesday, July 25, 2007

CHÈ CHUỐI( Plantains in Coconut milk)

Dessert with plantains is one of traditional Vietnamese dessert,especially,the South of Vietnam.

- 6 large ripe plantains
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- pint of salt
- 500gr whole fresh cassava,peeled and chopped
- 500gr honey sweet potato,peeled and chopped
- 100 gr shredded tapioca
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- 50gr tapioca pearl
- 600ml coconut milk
- 1.5 cup sugar (approx.)
-vanilla or banana essence
- 50gr roasted peanut
- 20gr roasted seasame seed

-Boil the chopped cassava along with sweet potato until haft cooked.Strain and rinse thru cold water and set aside.
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-Boild the shredded tapioca flour and tapioca pearl seperately in hot wateruntil they turn clear.Strain and rinse well.Set aside.
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- Peel ripe plantains, slice 2cm thick
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- Boil in water with some salt for 20mins or until haft soft.
- Strain and rinse thru cold water.
- In a large pot, heat together 1/2 coconut milk ,1/2cup sugar and 2 liters water, bring to medium heat.Pour in sliced plantains and cook for another 10 mins.
- Add in cassava and sweet potato, slow cook for another 10mins until they get softer.
- Add in shredded tapioca flour,tapioca pearl and the remained coconut milk.
- Adjust the taste by adding some more sugar.
-Finally drop in some banana essence/vanilla.

SERVING:hot, topped with crushed peanut and roasted seasame seed

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