Sunday, November 12, 2006


It's been the second times i make this buns. At the very first time, i didn't read the instruction carefully- instead of cooling the cream cheese filling in the "refigerator", i put it into the fridge- the cream cheese,therefore,turned out to be "liquid". I had 2 substitute the leftover mung beans+ coconut flakes...Still tasted good though.Also, i found from the Japanese website the pictures illustrating step by step in shaping the dough( i wanted to take my own pix but no one around helping me).Enjoy!!!

-30g castor sugar
-100g cream cheese
-1 egg lightly beaten
-20g sifted cake flour
-100ml warm milk
-1-2 tsp leamon juice
-10g butter

- 190g bread flour
- 50g cake flour
-5g yeast
-10g castor sugar
-5g salt
-25g clear maltose syrup (optional)
-2 egg yolks
-35g butter
-140ml milk

INSTRUCTION: As it takes longer times for the cream cheese to cool down, it's better to do the filling first.
++For the cream cheese++
-cream cheese and sugar till a smooth paste is formed
-Add in lightly beaten egg 1/3 at a time and mix well before adding the next protion
-stir in flour
-add in the warm milk and mix well
-Melt the creamcheese till it gets a smooth paste
-stir in the lemon juice and butter
-Send it to chill in the refrigerator and roll slightly harden cheese paste into 35g balls to be used as filling

++For the dough++
-Mix all ingredients to form an eleastic dough and prove in a greased mixing bowl for 60mins
- Knead the dough to release the air in it and prove for 30 mins
- divide dough into 8 equal pieces of 50g each and one piece of 60g.
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-Rest the dough for 15 mons.
-The 60g dough piece is used to make the plait that encircle the cheese pan
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-shape dough and weap in the filling.Dust top of bread with some bread flour.Prove for 45 minsImage Hosted by

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- bake at 210C for 10mins and then 190C till golden brown (approximately 5-10mins)

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