Sunday, March 25, 2007

Vietnamese Steamed Rice Roll(Bánh cuốn)

One of the most fav savoury in VietNam.Although it originated from HaNoi(the northern part of VN) but you can see them everywhere without having to get there. People rarely make these at home because it takes ages to finish,also, they are always avaiable at the market with such cheap prices and better taste.The only thing you have to do is finding the best place that only specializes in this cake,surely,you will stick with that place for goods. As i no longer live in VN,making these rolls sometimes reminds me of my hometown.Miss VN so bad!!!!
I've just found from google the video of this recipe,hope this helps for those who r in my situation.So bad they don't have it avai in English.I'll post the video,as well as translating them into EL.Have fun and enjoy!!!
Also,this is how they make steamed roll in the market

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