Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Steamed banana cake with coconut milk(Bánh chuối hấp nước cốt dừa)

Adapted from Vietfun forum
*For steamed banana cake:
- 5 bananas
- 1 cup tapioca starch
- 2tbsp rice flour
- 1/3 cup sugar
- 1/4 cup water (approx.)
- 1tsp salt
- vanilla, yellow food color (optional)

*For coconut milk
- 200ml coconut milk
- 1pinch salt
- 2tbsp tapioca pearls ( boil for 15 minutes, rinse through cold water and drain)
- 1 tsp tapioca flour + 3 tsp water

- Roasted peanuts and toasted sesame seeds

*For the cake:
- Slice the bananas

- Mix together all the dry ingredients
- Add in water+ yellow food color and stir well
- Stir in sliced banana

- Pour the batter in the greased pan around 3-4" thick

-Steam for 45 minutes or until the cake turns clear

- Take out,leave to cool and cut into small cubes

*For the coconut milk:
- In a small sauce pan, boil the coconut milk, gradually pour in tapioca mixture and stir well until the coconut gets thiken, add in tapioca pearls

- Place the banana cubes into dessert dish
- Pour in coconut mixture
- Sprinkle with roasted peanuts and toasted sesame seeds

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