Tuesday, July 24, 2007

NƯỚC BÔNG CÚC LA HÁN QUẢ(Lohan quo in Chrysanthemum water)

Chinese people sold these kind of drinks in my country. Never seen these herbs before,I thought it would be difficult to make until a friend of mine showed me the process.OMG, super easy and fast to do.It's also a fabulous drink to cool off the hotness in this summer. I read the news about the use of lohan qua as a traditional Chinese medicine.Drinking lohan quo once per day help clear off toxicant in the body and sore throat will disappear.Good for body and health too.I usually drink one cup every day with ice on top.It's much much better than cola or watever kind of soft drinks i used to addict.


- 1 gallon water(3.78liters)
-30gr dried chrysanthemum
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- 10 cubes lohan quo
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- 2-3 tablespoom sugar(optional)

-bring the water to boil
-Add in dry chrysanthemum
-Wait for 5 mins, take out the chrysanthemum,add in holan quo cube
-After the cubes dissolve in water ,add sugar to taste(it's because i have it with ice.Usually lohan quo cube already tastes sweet)
-Leave to cool and enjoy your super healthy drink.

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