Wednesday, July 25, 2007


after 2times experimenting the recipe from and, i finally came up with my own pizza dough's recipe which is so so so so...fabulous(crunchy outside,yet soft inside).The recipe is especially for a member of my BFF's club( as stand for Best Friend Forever). It also encourages her to get indulge in baking and cooking as i did.Never seen her around the kitchen so it may be a good chance.....

INGREDIENTS:(make 3 medium pizzas)
- 2 cup bread flour
- 1 cup all-purposed flour(and some for dusting)
- pint of salt
- pint of sugar
- 3 1/2 tablespoon dry yeast(men nở bánh mì)
- 3tbsp olive oil
- 1 1/2 cup warm water (from 80-12oF degree)

- mix all the dry ingredients together.
- Dissolve yeast in warm water,let stand for 5 minutes until appearing bubble form,add in olive oil.
- Gradually pour the yeast mixture in dry ingredients and mix well until it form a ball and doesn't stick to the bowl.(if the ball is too dry, add in oil,otherwise, if it's too runny,add in flour)
- Use hand to knead well for 5-9 mins.
- Grease the bowl with olive oil, place the ball in the center, cover the bowl with plastic wrap for 2 hours or double in size( the best condition for the ball to rise is under sun or light)
- Use hand to punch it down,divide it to 3 equal portions and roll each into small ball
- Flour the surface,Use the rolling pin to flatten the ball,depending on how thick you want your crust to be, usually, i make my crust around 30mm-1cm thick.
- Grease the baking sheet and sprinkle some flour to prevent the crust from sticking.
- Place the crust in the center, let stand for additional 15-30mins before baking
- Topped with your fav topping. I'm a seafood addict so i always put seafood(prawn,spuid,crab,clam etc...) ,pineapple and mushroom.
- Be sure to include Mozzarella cheese in your pizza,it will be a big hit.
-bake at 375F (or 200celcius degree) for 25mins or more until the crust and chesse turn golden.

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