Sunday, December 10, 2006


My sister brought me some little yogurt jars from Vietnam yesterday.Thanks my mom a lot!!!! I miss the Vietnamese yogurt so much. Just don't know why i can't stand the American's taste. I start making my own ones. So freshh, so delicious!!!!! Even for those who are not into cooking can do it as a piece of cake....

-1 can sweetened condense milk
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-1 can boiling water (measured using the milk can)
-2 cans cooled water/regular milk (measured using milk can)
-1 can yogurt (i use the plain one)
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-15 yogurt jars (or any container you may have,with the lids)
-boiling water in a large container with a lid

- Pour milk into boiling water and stir until milk is dissovled
- Add 2 cans of cooling water,then comes the plain yogurt( optional: strain for the smoother mixture)
- Pour into the jars, cover with the lid
- Placing the yogurt jars into the large container
- Pour the boiling water over the jars until the water level comes up to right around the lid of the jars but not covering the jars
- Place lid onto the container and leave there for 5 hours till overnight.

- Then put into the fridge for better and more enjoyable taste
Note: After the yogurt ferments you save a jar to use as a starter for your next batch.Therefore, don't need to buy the plain yogurt again.


Giaochi said...

did you mean 1 can (milk can) of regular yogurt?

♥ESTEE♥ said...

No, you don't need to measure the yogurt in the milk can. Just take 1 regular yogurt jar (mine one weighs 8oz or 277gr)