Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chè sương sa hạt lựu(Vietnamese sweetened pomegranate seeds in coconut cream)

Hola, i'm back! The blog hasn't been taken care for nearly two months already.That doesn't mean i stopped baking but having no time to post the recipes(school stuff drives me nuts!) I've just finished the last exam today(Wat a relief!) so i'm gonna let myself relax for the next two weeks before starting spring quarter haha....
This recipe was asked by one of my friends from HaNoi.She's curious how the taste likes cuz' this dessert really attracts the eyes with colorful mixture in rich coconut cream. The name sounds strange as if the real pomegranate seeds are put into the sweet mixture.By following the instructions, I'll show you how the chestnut coated by tapioca powder will give out nice looking(but fake) pomegranate but crunchy taste inside and chewy cover outside. A great icy dessert for hot season,fun to eat,yet easy to handle!

- 1 can of water chestnut
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-100gr tapioca powder
- food colors(yellow,red,green)
- 200g mung bean
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- 1 package of agar powder
- 1 can coconut milk
- 200g bar sugar/chinese brown sugar
- vanilla,pandan essence,durian essence (optional)

1/mung bean: soak for few hours. Steam(or cook with water in low heat) until smashableImage and video hosting by TinyPic
2/Agar:Dissolve 1 package of agar powder and 4 tablespoon sugar in 2liters water and cook in a pot until the mixture gets thinken. Pour in 1tablespoon vanilla
- Mix 1 part of agar with the green color and few drops of pandan essence, the rest mixed with durian flavor or leave blank. Pour into the moulds and leave in the refrigerator for half an hour.Take the agar out and slice.
3/ sugar syrup:Dissolve 200g sugar in 1.5 cups of boiling water.Set aside.
5/tiny cube pomegranate seeds
- chop the chestnut into tiny pieces( for a better look, i chop them into small cubes)

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- Divide them into 2 equal part, mix with red and yellow food colors, leave for 15' for the colors to absorb into chestnut.
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- Coat with tapioca powder
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- Pour the chestnut in boiling water,wait until the chestnut floating on the surface then take it out, straining through cold water. Place the chestnut into the cold water for a few minutes to avoid sticking. You will have such beautiful little seeds......
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PREPARATION: place a desirable amount of mung bean on the bottom,follow with pomegranate seeds , agar ,thick sugar syrup and coconut cream. Topped with ice crushed and enjoy!!

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palauan pancake said...

Super pretty! It looks exactly like pomegranate seeds. Genius.

♥ESTEE♥ said...

Thanks!It's super easy to do,isn't it? ;)