Wednesday, April 25, 2007


For the gluten rice balls:
-250gr glutinous rice flour
-50gr rice flour (can be substituted with gluten rice flour)
- 150gr mung bean

For the ginger syrup:
- 100gr fresh ginger- slice
- 150ml water (approx.)
- 200gr sugar (approx.)

For the coconut sauce:
- 250ml coconut milk
- 5g tapioca startch
- few pandan leaves
- toasted seasame seeds

For the balls:
-soak the mung bean for 1-2hr, steam until crushabel
- place the mung bean in a bowl,add in some sugar for a sweeter taste, then mash well.
-Take out small portion,roll into small ball with approx 2cm in diameter(make approx 10 balls)
- mix gluten flour and rice flour together in a medium mixing bowl
- Gradually add in water while kneading until the dough is smooth and does not stick to the bowl
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- Take out small portion, roll into a ball
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- flatten the ball,place the mung bean ball in the centerImage and video hosting by TinyPic
- wrap it.( Dont worry if the ball doesn't not look good enough,as long as the rice dough can cover the mung bean ball)
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- Drop in some water onto the palm, then roll the ball until look smooth(water helps disappear lines and smoothen the ball)
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- Make 10 balls, the rest of the dough will do for some tiny balls with no filling.
- Boil the water, drop in the balls, wait until the balls float onto water's surface
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- then take out,immediately put in cold water(to rinse off exceed mucus)

For the syrup:
- Cook the water+sliced ginger together until boil(adjust the sugar water for desirable taste), add in gluten balls, turn to small heat and leave there for 1h for the balls absorbing sugarImage and video hosting by TinyPic

For the coconut sauce:
- mix tapioca flour with 5tbsp water
- In the small sauce pan,cook together the coconut milk with pandan leaves in medium heat until boil
- Gradually add in tapioca water while stirring coconut milk constantly til' it gets thicken
- Immediately take the pan out of the heat

SERVING: pour some balls and water into small bowl, add in thick coconut milk and roasted seasame seeds on top, serve warm.


Ngoc said...

Be Thy lau roi khong gap, bay gio lon' qua' roi, tai gioi qua chung. Bua nao gap lai cho chi Mai thinh giao vai chieu nau nuong nhe. Chi thich nau nhung ma hoi bi lam bieng, voi lai khong du dung cu lam bep va khong du ingredients nen het' hung' nau' nuong luon. May mon an Thy lam nhin hap dan lam, sau nay ra truong dinh hoc lam dau bep ha cung? Chi thay em co trien vong lam a. :)

♥ESTEE♥ said...

ua?có phải chị Mai ở nz ko ạ?hihi...ingredients cứ phải tích cóp từ từ chị ạ,hơn cả năm em lượm lặt mới có kha khá ấy chứ :D em tập làm con dâu ngoan chị ơi chứ đầu bếp gì ở đây ^^